Green Building Professional Certification & Training Programme

The programme requires passing ten courses; eight of which are compulsory and two can be chosen by the participant from a list of four courses. The programme is designed specifically to ensure cross-training between different disciplines, as more efficient collaboration is a critical factor in delivering successful green building projects.

The courses will include both theory and practice from experts who are active domestically and internationally.

Following the development of other construction markets and local increase of green building activity, the certificate is expected to increase the marketability of the services provided by the participant. The programme is funded by the GBC ME itself and the course fees have been set to allow as many professionals to participate while ensuring the quality of the instruction and the training facility.


Components for Green Building Certificate

1.Creating and Managing Greener Workspaces6Mandatory
2.Green Design Principles6Mandatory
3.Financial Considerations of Green Building6Mandatory
4.Legal Requirements & Voluntary Certification for Green Building6Mandatory
5.Sustainable Materials & Resources6Mandatory
6.Managing Green Building6Mandatory
7.Sustainable Site Selection and Management6Mandatory
8.Lighting Design & Smart Buildings6Mandatory
9.Building Envelopes of Green Buildings4Optional
10.HVAC & Hot Water Solutions4Optional
11.Sustainable Landscape & Exterior Design6Optional
12.Cradle to Cradle for Buildings4Optional