European Regional Network


GBC ME is also a member of the European Regional Network, which is a coalition of Green Building Councils around Europe that work together in their common mission to drive the green building agenda at the regional scale. The network, which as at May 2010 consists of 29 GBCs, includes a steering committee (of the six established GBCs in the region) as well as a European Policy Taskforce and a European Education Taskforce.
The Policy Taskforce is working to develop a relationship with the European Commission to better advocate green building policies, as well as to inform GBC members about EU policies and targets and how these will impact the building industry. The Education Taskforce is mapping existing GBC education programs and looking at developing a framework to channel sustainable education.


Current Projects and Activity

The general work focus for the Network over the next 4-6 months will include:

  1. Improve knowledge sharing, networking and capacity building
  2. Work directly with the European Commission to help GBCs implement targets within their countries, influence the development/revisions of future policies and provide their members with the most recent information.
  3. Work around bringing the core common education and training to the European Region.