DGNB Certification System

For planning and evaluation of buildings, there is a new and clearly structured tool: The German Sustainable Building Certification. As meritocratic rating system, it covers all relevant topics of sustainable construction. Outstanding buildings are awarded the categories bronze, silver, or gold.

The German Sustainable Building Certification was developed by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) together with the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building, and Urban Affairs (BMVBS) to be used as a tool for the planning and evaluation of buildings in this comprehensive perspective on quality. As a clearly arranged and easy to understand rating system, the German Sustainable Building Certification covers all relevant topics of sustainable construction, and awards outstanding buildings in the categories bronze, silver, and gold. Six subjects affect the evaluation: ecology, economy, social-cultural and functional topics, techniques, processes, and location.

The certificate is based on the concept of integral planning that defines, at an early stage, the aims of sustainable construction. In this way, sustainable buildings can be designed based on the current state of technology, – and they can communicate their quality with this new certificate.