Low Enthalpy Geothermal Energy Demonstration cases for Energy Efficient building in Adriatic area

GBC ME is a partner in the EU LEGEND project, on Geo-thermal heating


GBC ME is delighted to announce that an important international project to prove the economics of geo-thermal heating has been approved for funding within the EU’s Adriatic IPA scheme. GBC ME is one of two partners in Montenegro, the other being the municipality of Danilovgrad. Refurbishing their cultural centre building and introduction of geo-thermal energy for the heating and cooling purposes by utilising GCHP(ground coupled heat pump), which is going to upgrade working conditions and promote alternative energy sources, are the main goals of LEGEND in Montenegro. GBC ME’s task will be to promote the results from all seven public buildings (2 each in Italy and Croatia, 1 each in Montenegro, Slovenia, Bosnia and Hercegovina). The Lead Partner is the municipality of Ferrara in northern Italy and the project is scheduled to last 2 years.


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Prirucnik za geotermalne izvore u CGPrirucnik za geotermalne izvore u CG


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