Student Volunteers required

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As a council which cares for the future development of the community, GBC ME values students as one of the most important forces transforming Montenegro into a greener and more sustainable built environment. We believe students are our future, so engaging such invaluable assets in the green building development is of the utmost importance in achieving sustainable built environment in Montenegro.

Being a Student Member of GBC ME, you will be able to participate in events and activities with discounted fee or even enjoy complimentary entries. As undergraduate student, you may even find it helpful to your study by getting exclusive research papers and resources on green building and help in doing research, help in marketing, business development and other. To those graduates –to- be, joining GBC ME  there is even a chance for them to explore more in the industry and build relationships on a National, European and World-Wide basis, which is useful to their careers in the future.

The student membership, which is free of charge, lasts for one academic year.

Act now and contribute to a green built environment!

Apply with CV in English to:  Maša Perović, d.i.a. (English knowledge necessary)