Why train with us

For today’s Montenegro, “Green Building” represents one of the most significant and exciting opportunities for sustainable growth on both a national and a global scale.

The design of our built environment impacts us all, as well as our economies and the natural environment, and GBC ME™, in collaboration with its European & World GBC partners is driving its transformation towards sustainability.

We organise seminars and workshops to inform members about the major rating systems, currently a key topic in the building/construction industry. Depending on interest, we can arrange specific training for those who want to become accredited assessors for individual systems.

GBC ME is committed to the visions of transforming the built environment by enabling a shift in the workforce towards sustainability through education, training workshops and more. We are improving awareness and understanding of sustainability across the industry and building the capacity of professionals to embed it in their decision making.

Crucial new/adapted skills with inspirational leadership skills are needed to communicate and solve problems, sharing the understanding of the challenge, with the common mission: ‘Sustainable Built Environment’. 

Our priorities

“Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement.”

Peter F. Drucker
Management consultant, educator, and author, whose writings contributed to the philosophical
and practical foundations of the modern business corporation.

GBC ME™ aims to empower professionals to create a shift towards sustainability. We are now providing “Green Bulding Professional” certification courses. The concept of a Green Building Professional Qualification is in the process of gaining Europe wide recognition under the World GBC banner. These courses are relevant education and training workshops and seminars for members and interested stakeholders. These programs will provide tools and study support while increasing the ability and motivation of participants to take advantage of sustainability.

The built environment has a huge impact on our everyday lives, our society and our natural world. Globally, the built environment accounts for 40-50% of natural resource use, 20% of water use, 30-40% of energy use and around a third of CO emissions. This is not sustainable. In other words, simply, we cannot go on like this forever!

Minimising energy use in all stages of a building’s life-cycle, making new and renovated buildings more comfortable, less expensive to run and helping building users learn to be efficient too. This will ensure effective communication and sharing of best practice in the field of green building design, generating sustainable growth. The buildings sector is a driver of GDP, and “Green Building” offers an opportunity for increased output with decreased impact.

The future for property development and maintenance is the adoption of sustainable and environmentally sound practices, which are demanded now by investors and financiers. EU regulations require such practices as well.



Come and join us, learn with us to ensure effective communication and sharing of best practice in the field of “Green Building”, help put Montenegro on to the “Green Path”!



With GBC ME membership you can get up to 50% discount on all courses!