As experienced by Robin Gellately-Smith
Slobodan Perovic passed away in Belgrade on Monday 29th May 2017 at around 0800.
The funeral was on Wednesday 31st May

I became associated with Slobo at a meeting for the creation of founder members for the Montenegro Green Building Council in December 2010 where he was appointed Honourable Secretary. We had an initial understanding and personality synergy in which I quickly found out we enjoyed life love and laugher. This developed into a sincere friendship over time and resulted in a close business partnership in the Montenegro property market. Apart from day to day professional business contact we became close in matters of humour, philosophy, social activities, and the personal trials and tribulations life threw at us.

Slobo is survived by his wife Marina, daughter Masa and son Vanja, adopted son Roman (son of Marina) and granddaughter Tara. I cannot comment formally on Slobo’s family relationship as from what I’ve heard, mostly from him, would constitute a book worthy of popular publication, in no small part, giving unintentional advice on how to live a colourful life of romance, frustrations and, I have to admit, a certain amount of stubbornness

He was known for his entertaining stories both personal and philosophical and with an active mind was able to engage listeners with advice and confidence. On many occasions his helpful advice and time for me helped with some intractable personal problems for which I’m very grateful.

Although with cautious thought on most matters, probably a result of his legal background, Slobo lived life in the fast lane as not only a racing driver and riding powerful motorbikes but at sea in a fast boat. His lifestyle and active thoughts indulged him in many business ideas some of which he acted on resulting in sometime failures as well as successes.

Life is not a rehearsal and we only get one chance at it. In Slobo’s case he lived to the full spectrum of joys, happiness as well as tragedies and disappointments. As a raconteur who spoke, to my knowledge, three languages and had a worldly opinion on most matters, an understanding of politics and strong views on just about anything. In discussion it would be sometimes difficult to counter his viewpoint.

I will surely miss him