Montenegro Green Building Council in cooperation with the municipality of Danilovgrad, has presented the partnership project LEGEND at the Adriatic Fair in Budva. On 4th April of 2014 at the Ecology Fair was held the workshop about geothermal energy that lasted four hours. Attendees were welcomed by the President of Montenegro Green Building Council, Mr. James Collins and Manager of LEGEND project, Mr. Dejan Vukovic representative from the municipality of Danilovgrad.
The workshop was led by an Italian expert in this field, Dr Francesco Tinti, a researcher at the University of Bologna and on that occasion he introduced the audience with the potential geothermal energy sources. In the second part of the workshop Dr Tinti spoke about implementation of the LEGEND project in Montenegro and installation of the geothermal heat pump and about reconstruction of the Cultural Center in the municipality of Danilovgrad.
The contribution to the workshop was made by the external expert of the LEGEND project, professor Mihailo Buric who, on that occasion, informed the attendees about the possibilities of geothermal energy resources use in the Montenegrin territory .
The workshop was also attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Economy , Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce, director of ETG group , Mr. Mladen Bajković , ” Tivat Engineering Group”, ”Monte Solar”, public institution (PI) Waterworks and Sewerage Podgorica, students from the Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering from University of Montenegro, as well as the expert team of the LEGEND project in the municipality of Danilovgrad.