As part of the LEGEND project, the Montenegro Green Building Council is conducting a survey into the use of renewable energy sources, especially geothermal heat pumps.

You are probably already aware that the European Union promotes sustainable energy sources in order to cut down on CO2 gas emissions and harmful environmental impact as well as to ensure energy security and independence. The LEGEND project is financed by the IPA Adriatic Cross Border Cooperation Programme, and is led by the Municipality of Ferrara, Italy, with partners from seven states in the region. More details are available on the project website

We would be most grateful if you could spare 20 minutes of your time to fill in the attached questionnaire. The spectrum of information we require is wide, so please give as much information as possible, while feeling free to enter ‘don’t know’ on those which are not in your sphere of activities/ practice/ knowledge.

Your contribution will help us to compile valuable information from practice and experience on the ground. The survey is being sent to a wide range of opinion formers, businesses, building experts and professionals in the industry. The results will allow us to formulate effective policy recommendations to the Government to improve the legal and market framework for the use of sustainable energy and construction practices in Montenegro. The survey is also being distributed by the other partners in the LEGEND project and so will help to provide an overall picture of the current state of knowledge and practice in the Adriatic region.

We would be most grateful if you could return the filled in questionnaire by the 1st February to

You can download the excel file here LEGEND WP5 Research Questionnaire final

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any comments or questions.

We thank you in advance for your time and cooperation.